Square Mile Community Development (mi2) is a new nonprofit here in the Texas Panhandle. While the organization is new, the team behind it is not. We are all native West Texans who raise our families in Amarillo and who are deeply invested in our community. With over 30 years of collective experience working with, living among, and helping low-income and working-poor communities in Texas and across the country, we have seen the needs, heard the stories, and felt the brokenness. mi2 has also experienced the raw hope and joy of people who stand in the face of desperation and come out victorious. It’s been both heartbreaking and heartwarming… truly a labor of love that has been a welcome burden to shoulder.
The years and the folks we’ve known have taught us more than we could have ever expected, but one of the most valuable lessons we’ve learned has driven the birth of mi2. That lesson is this: Taking care of the needs of a family, an individual, or a child living in any of our struggling neighborhoods is important, crucial even, but taking care of the individual needs will not and cannot solve an entire community’s problem. The problem is deeper, bigger, and must be addressed before true change can take root. If we don’t get down to the underlying cause, we will always be dealing with the symptoms.
One thing is for certain, Amarillo has no shortage of amazing people, organizations, and churches that are tirelessly dedicated to helping people meet those pressing needs. Whether it’s clothes, food, medicine, education, family, work or home issues, there are people working day in and day out to address those immediate concerns. We cannot begin to understand and know the many lives changed by the love and compassion these servants have poured out… and we cannot even begin to express the gratitude they deserve. We are fortunate to call many of these folks our friends, coworkers, or partners and we fully support and believe in what they are doing. Many of these amazing groups have been working in the same neighborhoods for decades, and while they have seen the success of countless individuals and families, they have also seen an unfortunate truth; the environment these families live in isn’t changing.
That’s why we formed Square Mile. We stand with and affirm the work already going on, we’ve done it, we believe in it, we’re still doing it…but we also see the need to take it one step further. Call us crazy, but we just can’t be content to see a person or family here or there find the success they have been dreaming of. We want to see whole neighborhoods find that success and we believe that can happen. We are working to ensure our older neighborhoods that have been struggling for decades have a chance to thrive again. Our partners are businesses, individuals, non profits and churches that are dedicated to not just addressing a need, but solving a problem. G.K. Chesterton said, “It isn’t that they can’t see the solution. It is that they can’t see the problem.” Square Mile Community Development CAN see the problem. What we do is find the solutions.
This is our home, help us make it thrive.

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