True change comes from the inside, whether in an individual, a family, or a community. We know that our neighborhoods and our city have both the heart and the talent to breath new life into areas of our community that have struggled to thrive. Square Mile Community Development celebrates the beauty of our city and is working to bring it’s heart, talent, and skill together so that all people, regardless of their current situation, have the opportunity to reach their potential.

Our model focuses on 5 Key Areas that define a thriving neighborhood: Economic Development, Housing, Education, Health, and Spiritual Care. We are bringing businesses, churches, nonprofits and individuals together to make sure all our families and all our neighborhoods have access to each of these key areas.


Square Mile Community Development is a nonprofit organization formed to bring holistic and innovative development projects to our most neglected neighborhoods through collaborative and empowerment based community partnerships.


We believe in creating opportunity by building a network of community organizations, non-profits, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and community members to revitalize underresourced neighborhood using an empowerment based model of community engagement to bring renewal and restoration.


The team at Square Mile Community Development believes that every last dollar people give is an investment into the future of our local community. Because of this, we have chosen to work with our partners to make sure we keep our overhead as low as possible by using donated office space and strategically chosen facillities to house programs. By doing this, we ensure that the support you generously give is used to to build up people, not buildings. We need you to invest in bringing change to our neighborhoods.

What you give today is providing hope for generations to come.

Donate online through our secure server, PayPal, or mail your gift to :
PO BOX 7926 Amarillo, TX 79114


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Help us to help others.


San Jacinto was one of the city’s first residential and business districts. Hard working families could walk a few blocks to 6th Street and shop for groceries or clothes,watch a movie or even go for a swim at The Nat’s pool. Still today, along the historic route you can see the remains of those theaters, cafes, churches, drug stores and ballrooms. Surrounding Route 66 sits one square mile of what was once the heart of Amarillo. Traces of that vibrant past are now surrounded by broken side walks and decaying homes. This beautiful and historic area is now considered by some to be the most drug ridden, crime infested, sex-offender heavy and poverty stricken neighborhood in Amarillo.

In 2014, the Census Bureau estimates San Jacinto’s population is 5,467. Twenty percent of this population is under 15 years of age, 69.4% is over 18, and 6.8% is over 65. The once proudly owned homes are now 58% rental property. Scrupulous landlords living out of state own a vast majority of these rental units. The median income for the neighborhood is $27,000 with 85% of the families living below the poverty level. Thirty one percent of the adults in the community over the age of 25 have no high school or high school equivalency degree, and only 6% of the population hold a bachelor’s degree or higher. Within the past twelve months, the Census Bureau states 18% of the families have had no one in the home employed. Of the individuals employed only half relied on their own independent means of transportation. Furthermore, the once illustrious cafés and local markets are no more, leaving many residents to travel long distances in unreliable transportation to reach healthy produce and groceries. Most residents resort to supplement their meager food supply with Hot Cheetohs and Mountain Dew from the corner quick stop.

Yet, with all the decay of all that once was and all the haze of poverty and crime, within the neighborhood is a core group of families who want better. These hardworking, surviving individuals want the same opportunities and advantages they see in other neighborhoods. They are committed to cultivating prolific legacies for their children. They, along with caring community nonprofits and businesses, seek to restore the glory and goodness of by gone days. We are here to help make that happen.


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