Our Mission & Vision

We believe in creating opportunity by building a network of community organizations, nonprofits, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and community members to revitalize under-resourced neighborhoods using an empowerment-based model of community engagement to bring renewal and restoration.

Our model focuses on five key areas that define a thriving neighborhood: economic development, housing, health, education, and spiritual care. We are bringing businesses, churches, nonprofits, and individuals together to make sure all our families and all our neighborhoods have access to each of these key areas.

Since forming in 2016 with our focus in San Jacinto, we have been able to expand to North Heights, The Barrio, Eastridge, and other under-resourced neighborhoods throughout Amarillo and the Texas Panhandle. We have worked on projects in Southern Mexico, East Africa, and across the country and have been fortunate to learn from, and impact, thousands of people.

At Square Mile, we recognize change is hard, and generational change is even more difficult. We stand in support of families and small business owners that are willing to do the work to make these changes to make a difference in their families and the lives of their community.

As an advocate of hope, we believe true change comes from the inside.


Meet Some of Our Partners

Become a Volunteer and join us!

Being active in our community and helping it grow can be as simple as helping out in one of our gardens or even devoting some of your time and skills to teaching others in kind. We would love to hear from you to tell you more about how you might be able to help contribute to our local community through any of our programs. We can always use the help.

Meet the Team

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