Square Mile recently partnered with two other local nonprofits to open our area’s first multicultural refugee community center in the heart of Amarillo, to be a PLACE where Amarillo’s refugee communities can be welcomed through language, art, culture, and economic opportunity. We are community minded with a refugee focus. In partnership with Refugee Language Project and We Find In Love, we have been able to help create a space for newly arriving refugees to truly start living the American dream.

The PLACE provides English classes, meeting space, computer and art programs, educational opportunities, and small business consultation through Square Mile’s PATH Program. It is a place for people to share a meal, a cup of coffee or tea, and a bit of life. Whether they come for a formal class, mentoring, to get help navigating how to get jobs, pay bills, or even just to sit and watch a game on TV… the PLACE is a gathering space unlike any other.

The PLACE is a place for language, art, culture, and economic development… because everyone deserves a place!