Food Insecurity

It’s more than just hunger

What is “food insecurity”? Being food insecure means that one is without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food. 

Square Mile is dedicated to finding sustainable and long-term solutions to combat hunger and food insecurity in our region and to develop replicable models that can be utilized anywhere in the world. We are working with small local and urban food producers and food-related businesses in order to create a stronger local food ecosystem and economy.

Providing a direct and affordable link between local producers and local markets creates the framework for building a strong food-based economy that includes all our community.In addition to working on regional and local food issues, we also distribute locally grown produce and meat to under-resourced schools, churches, organizations, and families. One of our local partners generously supplies us with F-1 Wagyu beef, which we are able to provide to the community. Since 2019, we have distributed over 800,000 pounds of meat, produce, and dairy to our local community. We know that distributions do not solve the underlying issues, but it helps our neighbors while we work toward more comprehensive solutions.